Important Zoom Meeting Security Info!

Note: Area 83 has provided a series of PDF documents that outline best practices for online meetings, their security, and how to handle digital 7th traditions. See those documents here.

As groups use Zoom for online meetings, some are experiencing security breaches. These breaches can include spam and pornography flooding meetings in progress.

The Lakeshore Intergroup reminds each group that they are responsible for the security of their own Zoom meetings. Many online resources guide users in how to tighten Zoom security.

We suggest the following:

  • Enable password protection on your Zoom meeting.
  • Distribute the password only to people you want to have it.
  • Avoid publishing your meeting password online or on social media.
  • If you have an online meeting on the Lakeshore Intergroup website, and you have asked us to include the password, we suggest you request that we remove it. We will not proactively remove the password as it is the group’s decision. Provide us with a phone number or email address to add to the online meeting page that people can use to get the password from you.

We appreciate your diligence in this matter!

Your in sobriety,

Lakeshore Intergroup of AA