2020 International Convention Virtual Site Now Open!

The following message is from our General Service Office:

Dear Friends,

Greetings from your G.S.O.!

I am excited to share with you that the 2020 International Convention Virtual site is now accessible on aa.org. Below I have included a direct link for your convenience:  https://2020convention.aa.org<https://2020convention.aa.org/>

The site is available in English, French and Spanish.  To access the website in French or Spanish please click on your preferred language at the top of each page.

The site will be available all throughout the month of July 2020.  Have fun!

Intergroup Office is Open!

As of Thursday, 18 June, 2020 the Lakeshore Intergroup office is open. However, the Alano Club remains closed.

This is great news however it is important we remain vigilant and continue to practice safe measures.

Please read the instructions below carefully on how and when supplies can be purchased from Intergroup. These provisions have been put into place to keep everyone safe.

  1. Call Intergroup phone line to place your order verbally over the phone 905-728-1020.
  2. The Intergroup staff member will review your order with you to confirm accuracy and will advise you that you will receive a call back when your order is ready for pick up. Payment by cheque is preferred however cash is accepted.
  3. Once your order is picked and a receipt is created you will receive a phone call from Intergroup to arrange a time to pick up your order. Scheduling a time will ensure a safe number of people in the office at one time.
  4. If you’ve scheduled a pick up time and for unforeseen reasons are unable to keep your time slot please call Intergroup and a new time will be rescheduled for you.

Yours in service,

Lakeshore Intergroup Office

Locally-Hosted, Online AA Meetings

Below, find a list of online meetings hosted by groups in the Lakeshore Intergroup of AA.

Important!! Some groups have experienced security breaches on their Zoom meetings. We offer a few security suggestions. See our post.

Note: To see this list in the Meeting portion of our site, filter using “Online Meeting”. Or you can see the filtered list here.








List of Virtual Meetings Hosted in the GTA

Important! Current Phone Schedule in Effect!

Important note! The current phone schedules are still in effect. Groups need to honour their commitment or make arrangements with the Intergroup office by calling (905) 728-1020.

By 4 PM on your scheduled day, please have a member of your group contact Intergroup at (905) 728-1020. This allows Gerry, our Intergroup office manager, to know the phone # to which she’ll forward the calls.

If your group is scheduled on the phones, the Intergroup office manager will forward the phone line at 6 PM on your scheduled evening, overnight, until 9 AM the following morning. 

Thank you all in advance for your continued support.

Yours in Service,
Deb F.
Intergroup Chairperson

Online Meetings and AA-Related Apps & Tapes

Note: For a list of locally-hosted online AA meetings, see this post.

The following list provides links to meetings, recordings of speakers, online copies of the Big Book, and other resources.

Important Zoom Meeting Security Info!

Note: Area 83 has provided a series of PDF documents that outline best practices for online meetings, their security, and how to handle digital 7th traditions. See those documents here.

As groups use Zoom for online meetings, some are experiencing security breaches. These breaches can include spam and pornography flooding meetings in progress.

The Lakeshore Intergroup reminds each group that they are responsible for the security of their own Zoom meetings. Many online resources guide users in how to tighten Zoom security.

We suggest the following:

  • Enable password protection on your Zoom meeting.
  • Distribute the password only to people you want to have it.
  • Avoid publishing your meeting password online or on social media.
  • If you have an online meeting on the Lakeshore Intergroup website, and you have asked us to include the password, we suggest you request that we remove it. We will not proactively remove the password as it is the group’s decision. Provide us with a phone number or email address to add to the online meeting page that people can use to get the password from you.

We appreciate your diligence in this matter!

Your in sobriety,

Lakeshore Intergroup of AA

2020 Lakeshore Spring Roundup Cancelled (Updated post!)

Note: This post updated on 25 March, 2020.

The 33rd Annual Lakeshore Spring Roundup is cancelled.

  • Due to changing circumstances, the Roundup committee has decided to extend the date to receive your ticket refund to an “indefinite” time frame. Hold onto your ticket, you will receive your refund when things have eased up.

    For those of you who would like your refund immediately, please contact Alan W. at tel:2893542526 .
  • If you or your group donated a Big Book to the roundup, you can pick them up at Intergroup Office until Friday, March 27, 2020. After March 27, the roundup committee will consider remaining Big Books as contributions to the 2021 Spring Round-up.

Temporary Meeting Closures & Cancelled Events

NOTE: As of Monday, 23 March 2020, all meetings in the Lakeshore Intergroup of AA are closed until further notice. As meetings re-open, we will post a separate list of re-openings. Stay tuned!

For a complete list of temporarily closed meetings in the Lakeshore Intergroup, go to the Meetings page, and filter by Temporary Closure.

For a list of locally-created online meetings, go to the Meetings page and filter by Online Meeting.

For information about global online meetings, online recordings of speakers, and AA-related apps, see our post.